Newest Couple Alert~ 

It’s been noticeable that Cooper Shake and Miguel Fountain have been getting closer to each other, not just friend wise but even more. There was a romance going on, which is what we like to call for these 2 cute genderbenders, a bromance. I am very happy for the both of them, and I hope everything works out for the best. I also heard that last night was a bit of a mess because the famous Wantmores were worried about their sister Anna Wantmore because of the terrible break-up that her and Miguel went through. But everything seems to be perfect and back to normal when Anna posted something on tumblr telling everyone that she was 100% fine with what was going on, and when I personally talked to her she stated that she was informed about them being flirty before hand. Her and Cooper had talked about it a few days before they started dating. Another juicy story that appeared was a old known Mikolas Explosive who is now Mikolas Styles from what I have been told. But it appears that Mikolas likes to rub her baby blanket or just any blanket against her vagina during phone sex. Everyone was making fun of her last night, and if I have to say so myself I would have too, because if someone is going to be that clingy to a person, they deserve to be shot down to take a hint. But that’s just my bitchy side kicking in. Overall I wish the best for Cooper and Miguel. Stay classy roleplay. xoxo

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