Wannabe Princesses~ 

Princesses Alli & Sarah have been spotted harassing one of our beloved genderbenders Miguel Fountain. They have been telling him to “go die” and to “go kill himself” by both of them. I’ve also come to find out that one of the accounts “Tyler Cooper” that was attacking Miguel happens to just be one of the disgusting girls themselves. I disagree with every action that these 2 make, and also creating their pathetic princess site right after Charity Wantmore and Aislynn Wantmore just shows how much attention they want. I saw a post a few minutes ago by one of our REAL princesses Charity, and she had said that she wished people would just realize that they need to ignore the hate, anon or not and they will leave you alone. That is a very good point, and every one needs to take that into consideration. I hope you feel better soon Miguel, because I’m sure that everyone can see that what they said was bothering you a bit. But don’t ever let irrelevant people that just want attention get to you, it’s not worth your time. Stay strong, just remember to ignore them. You’re perfect the way you are. xoxo

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